You are what you eat!

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Trupanion’s mission is to allow the pet to receive the care they deserve and allow for families to budget for the unexpected.

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Hopefully not true,  because pets eat all sorts of nasty things!  If you don’t pick up your dog’s poop fast enough he just might gobble it down. What did you excise from your patient’s abdomens this month? Undies? Necklaces? Stones? Fish hooks?

Veterinary professionals know better than most people the direct impact of nutrition on health and treatment outcomes.  This is because rarely do pets get to choose what they eat.  A pet’s human family actively chooses the amount and type of food that is offered to a pet to eat.

Nutrition is a hot topic that has been scrutinised in both human and veterinary fields in recent decades.  It has risen in importance from any fuel that keeps the body going to reaching the lofty heights of food as medicine. With extremes along the way, including highly formulated scientific diets, “junk food” and all-natural diets.  Most vet teams have been faced with fierce advocates of all these types of diets.

When it comes to treating and recovering from illness or injury, Vet teams know that a specialised prescription diet in many cases can assist the rehabilitation of their patient. Importantly that it takes time for the benefits of a new diet to be evident and that the transition should be done incrementally.

And although a pet SHOULD eat a certain diet to make them well, there is no guarantee that the pet WILL eat a certain diet.  Resulting in costly waste for families, potential loss of trust or a potential loss of compliance with your overall treatment recommendations. Worse possibly when they decide to choose against the cost of prescription foods or repeat diagnostics or other medicines because of limited funds.

Trupanion’s one simple plan covers 50% of the cost of prescription food for up to 2 months for every eligible condition (in addition to their unmatched no payout limits coverage). This is an appreciated safety net for members while the food is tested for efficacy and palatability by the pet, family and vet. As another point of difference dietary and herbal supplements when recommended by the veterinarian to treat an eligible condition are also included in coverage for the life of the pet. 

Trupanion’s mission is to allow the pet to receive the care they deserve and allow for responsible pet loving families the ability to budget for the unexpected. A better kind of pet insurance now available in Australia.

For more details about how Trupanion can benefit your patients and how your hospital could benefit from our unique and better kind of pet insurance call the Australian office on 1300 459 699 or visit


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