Woman trampled by horse in SA bushfire

Bushfire devastationThe bushfire raging across South Australia, north of Adelaide, has left a woman trampled by horses and thousands of pigs burned alive.

A worker at Wasley piggery, one of South Australia’s largest, told 891 ABC Adelaide that it had burned down with a possible 9,000 pigs still inside. Though workers had teamed up with local fire fighters to save the piggery, their contingency plan failed in the face of the violent blaze.

“It was pretty scary seeing it coming over the hill coming towards work,” he said. “We were there with firefighters ready to fight it and we just turned and ran. It was big. I think my work’s gone or at least the majority of it.”

Local resident, Paul O’Brien told 891 ABC Adelaide his wife had been injured whilst attempting to save the family’s horses from the blaze.

“She had let the horses out and she is now in hospital. She has been trampled by one of the horses. So now I’ve got a stallion and three mares running around the property.”

With bushfire season beginning early this year, in the wake of record spring temperatures, it is important for vets to urge owners to prepare a bushfire plan.

The RSPCA urges owners to include pets in their emergency survival plans, both training them in advance for car trips and preparing a ‘pet emergency kit.’

While livestock can be harder to prepare for fire emergencies it is important to help your clients create a practical protection plan.

Agriculture Victoria recommends that plans “be safe, easy and fast to carry out,

identify low risk areas into which livestock can be moved, consider the possibility of evacuating animals away from the property, and preserve fences – livestock are better off if fences keep working.”





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