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Dogs NSW is calling on the NSW Government to consider creating a permanent state dog park on its 27-year-old grounds in Orchard Hills, and to this end is circulating a petition to garner support.

The internationally-recognised state dog centre envisaged by the association would feature numerous show rings; training areas for herding, obedience, agility and more; plus a canine library and museum; an education centre and an off-leash park area for neighbourhood residents.

“Dogs NSW’s lease with the NSW Government runs for another 11 years with an option to extend until 2038,” Dogs NSW spokesperson Brian Crump said.

In the meantime, construction of infrastructure has begun next door to Dogs NSW’s headquarters to develop 245,000sqm of land into an employment hub, threatening the future of canine activities in the area.

“What is going to become of Dogs NSW’s 14 show rings, administration, German Shepherd Dog League of NSW facilities, and grounds used for dog sports, trialling and sheep used for herding?” Crump asked, adding that Dogs NSW is circulating a petition for submission to the NSW Government to create a permanent state dog park, owned and administered by the Royal Canine Council of NSW “with appropriate facilities for the use of dog activities, obedience and conformation showing, to bring Dogs NSW to the world stage.

“We want to develop Dogs NSW’s grounds into a state dog park, but such an investment would require a guarantee of tenure,” Crump said.

“With all this development taking place in the area, Dogs NSW is requesting the government to either sell the land to Dogs NSW or grant it a lease in perpetuity.”

To sign the petition, you must be a NSW resident.

For more information, contact Dogs NSW on (02) 9834 3022 or visit the website.


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