Why I love the VetScan VS2 analyser

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Tracy Bowring, vet nurse of Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (AREC) in Newcastle, NSW, explains why…

“I obtained a Certificate IV in veterinary nursing while living in Perth and then worked for a large practice overseeing four branch clinics as the assistant manager and nurse educator. Eventually, I moved to the other side of the country, joining AREC in Newcastle. There, I also teach veterinary nursing and animal care at TAFE. 

“I am a longtime user of the VetScan VS2 analyser from REM Systems and have found it to be an essential part of my working life. 

“One of the main reasons that our emergency centre purchased the VetScan VS2 unit is that there is excellent clinical and technical support available whenever it is needed. We have also found it to be extremely cost effective when compared to other analysers on the market.

“Like most vet clinics, we don’t have a lot of space at AREC so we simply can’t house excessively bulky equipment. The footprint of the VetScan VS2 is quite small and fits neatly in the surgery. It leaves plenty of room for other essentials in the workspace.

“We most commonly use the VetScan to run comprehensive blood chemistry panels. It gets used multiple times a day for neonatology, coagulation studies and I-STAT—as well as electrolytes and blood gases. 

“As AREC is an after-hours emergency centre, it’s absolutely essential that we have the ability to run on the spot testing. Getting quick, accurate results is really important for our emergency cases.

“The VetsScan VS2 is easy to use and only requires a minimal sample size to run the analyser. We often deal with critical patients that can be difficult to take a blood sample. To be able to run a full panel of tests with a couple of millimetres of blood is a godsend in those situations.

“When it’s 3am and you’re dealing with a critical patient and a frantic owner, having access to point of care testing can be the difference between tragedy and a successful outcome. 

“I’m very happy to recommend the VetScan VS2 as it delivers reliable results quickly from a minimal blood sample. In all honesty, I don’t know how any veterinary clinic could operate without it!” 

For more information, call Rem Systems on 1800 737 222 or visit www.remsystems.com.au/veterinary

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