What’s new from iM3, the Veterinary dental Company?

eliminating bad breath pets

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The new range of Ergo dental instruments and the ultimate eliminator of bad breath are just two ways that iM3 is setting the standard in veterinary product innovation.

iM3 is a family owned veterinary Dental Company established in Sydney Australia over 30 years ago. In that time, iM3 has grown to become the leading veterinary dental company setting the standard in product innovation, industry firsts and continuing education.

What’s new from iM3!

iM3 designed and developed dental instruments for veterinarians

eliminating bad breath pets

The new range of Ergo dental instruments feature an innovative handle design providing comfort coupled with soft silicon inserts to provide added grip during use. Smaller hands require shorter instruments, the new range of Ergo developed by iM3 are available in two lengths to suit a wide variety of hand sizes. Ergo sets are provided in autoclavable cassettes protecting the instrument tips.

“I really enjoy using the new ergo elevators by iM3 because they fit and feel much more comfortable in my hands. I have found that it reduces the time it takes me to perform extraction by approx 10-15%.”Dr Isabel Ling

Oxyfresh—Dental home care that pets and owners love.

The ultimate eliminator of bad breath is a brilliant, non-toxic ingredient (Oxygene®) found in Oxyfresh’s revolutionary dental products—and nowhere else! The mechanism of action of Oxygene® is through an oxidation-reduction reaction. It acts by oxidising volatile sulphur compounds, the molecules responsible for bad breath.

Zinc Acetate

eliminating bad breath pets

Zinc acetate has been included in several Oxyfresh dental hygiene products, providing an even more powerful deodorising efect. Zinc is proven pharmacologically safe and efective in oral health products. The combination of Oxygene® and zinc makes it extremely efective in fighting even the worst halitosis. Oxyfresh eliminates bad breath, is non-toxic and safe for all pets, is tasteless and odourless, is affordable and Veterinary exclusive, and we offer a money back guarantee.

“Every patient who undergoes dental and oral surgery here at High Street Veterinary Surgery goes home with the Oxyfresh Dental Cleaning Kit in their take home bag. Owners love that the Oxyfresh Gel can be used with or without brushing, making it easy to gradually introduce a daily brushing regimen to their pet and keep their teeth and gums healthy.”Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker, High Street Veterinary Surgery

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