What does it take to scan a 900kg large animal? A horse? An elephant?

large animal patient positioning table
Photo: Olga Itina 123RF

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In computed tomography (CT) scans of bone, soft tissue and internal organs provide much more detail than what routine X-ray machines would offer.  Radiologists use this specialised equipment and expertise to diagnose problems such as abnormalities of blood vessels, trauma, musculoskeletal disorders and cancer. 

So how does one scan a large animal like a horse? (maybe not exactly an elephant but a large animal nonetheless). ATX have the answer! A creative solution with smooth and powerful motion control known as the EquusCT table—originally designed in the USA but is now manufactured and distributed on our own turf here in Western Australia. 

The EquusCT is a large animal patient positioning table with a weight capacity of 953kgs and floating carousel that offers superior manoeuvrability especially for veterinarians practicing equine healthcare. The EquusCT gives users the capability to position a horse or any other large animal in synchronisation with the patient couch with options to also have custom modifications which make this a truly unique product. Added benefits of the EquusCT table is it operates with any CT scanner, is user-friendly and requires minimal installation giving practitioners an innovative tool that will enhance the diagnosis of their patient’s condition.

The EquusCT is currently utilised for research at several universities throughout the world including University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Australia, North Carolina State University, USA, Universtat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain to name a few, with one being prepared for shipment to Colorado State University, USA next month.

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