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K-Laser AU was founded in 2015 by Dr Laurence Oner, a veterinarian with expertise in therapeutic laser and rehabilitation. Trained in the EU and the USA, her vision is to promote the next generation premium veterinary lasers in Australia and New Zealand in order to help pets enjoy higher standards of care. In 2017, K-Laser AU expanded into surgical lasers for human treatment.

New affordable options, enhancing happiness and gratitude

Nearly all existing patients of your practice, should they be exotics, small animals or horses, will benefit from K-Laser. It also means increased referrals for specific conditions as well as attracting new pet owners looking for the cutting-edge technology they read about on social networks.

Faster healing reduces post-surgery complications, enhances pain management for more effective rehabilitation and accelerates recovery of musculoskeletal or sport injuries. K-Laser’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects offer complementary options to reduce or delay the use of pain relief drugs in chronic cases such as back or neck pain, osteoarthritis, dysplasia and otitis.

What better than a client’s gratitude for improving the quality of life of their elderly pet with CKD without side effects?

Effortless implementation and strong compliance

Unlike vaccination and other standard treatments involving needles, treatment using the K-Laser is a comfortable, relaxing and non-invasive experience. Pets love the warm and pleasant feeling of the K-Laser beam. Each treatment session typically lasts around 5 minutes with minimal disruption to pets and owners alike. Good knowledge of photobiomodulation (aka Laser Therapy) is essential. Another decisive factor for a successful implementation is to involve enthusiastic staff in charge of promoting the therapy throughout the practice and educating the clients. Although the K-Laser is designed to be quick to configure, safe and easy to use, a full on-site training with our specialised veterinarian is provided. Staff learn core photobiomodulation principals, safety procedures and practises, covering clinical applications such as recommended protocols, dosage, power, wavelengths and pulsing settings for specific applications. Additional K-Laser training videos, marketing material, continuous education and ongoing clinical support are also available. 

“K-Laser has become an important part of our practice. It made a big difference clinically and financially. Our nurses are happily getting involved with it. I would not be without it in general practice.”  

Dr Robert Williams
Arundel Vet, Gold Coast

“The K-Laser has been a great additional treatment option for use in our performance horses. It is proving incredibly useful to help keep them in peak condition by managing daily problems such as back and neck pain. It is also a fantastic tool to aid in the rehabilitation of tendon and ligament injuries.” 

Dr Rachel SALZ
Randwick Equine, Sydney

“It has helped us grow our practice by bringing new clientele and income streams. K-Laser customer support and service is 5 Stars.” 

Dr Baron Jonsson
Kedron Vet, Brisbane

“The K-Laser dramatically speeds up wound healing and aids in pain control in post-surgery applications. Its compactness, portability and interface make it a great device for our nurses to use. The K-Laser is probably one of the fastest return on investment that I have ever bought. I can’t imagine working without laser anymore.”

Dr Malcolm Ware
The Vet Practice, Melbourne

To learn more about K-Laser contact Erol Oner: Mobile: 0421 169 107; Email: erol@k-laser.com.au; visit www.k-laser.com.au

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