Welcoming an advanced standard of veterinary care: NVC’s Veterinary Training Centre

veterinary training

NVC workshops improve vets’ practical skills.

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The key to maintaining up-to-date skills and knowledge in the veterinary industry relies heavily on advanced education and practical training. As the field of veterinary science evolves, through modern technology and new techniques, receiving up-to-date education and training becomes essential for all veterinary professionals. 

To empower veterinary excellence and make this training easily accessible, National Veterinary Care (NVC) has opened two Veterinary Training Centres in Queensland and more recently in Victoria. Looking to the future, New Zealand will be home to another training facility. 

With over 70 workshops currently available, NVC provides the entire veterinary industry with the opportunity to improve their practical skills, and to be able to deliver the highest veterinary standards. 

The workshop topics available include Behaviour, Clinical Skills, Dentistry, Dermatology & Clinical Diseases, Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology, Soft Tissue Surgery, Ultrasound, Anaesthesia, Emergency & Critical Care and Nurse Consultation & Nutrition. All workshops also include a CPD value for veterinarians. 

“Since NVC’s debut, the Veterinary Training Centres have been a key deliverable for not only our business but for the industry as a whole,” says NVC’s CEO Tomas Steenackers. “Seeing a gap that affected all veterinary practitioners, there was a real opportunity in the market for advanced training facilities. Veterinary professionals need training opportunities, to develop their practical skills and confidence so they can deliver the most advanced standards of care in their clinics.” 

veterinary training

All workshops include a CPD value for vets.

An important aspect of these workshops are the small class sizes, creating the opportunity for one-on-one tuition with educators. This ensures participants can confidently practise and master their new skills. All educators are leaders in their chosen field and have been carefully appointed so workshop participants get the best training experience possible. Newly learnt skills are practised, using the latest technology, cultivating the confidence needed to transfer these new skills immediately into the clinic environment.

Respected veterinarian Dr Olivia Dyer BVSc (Hons) from the Taringa Vet Surgery recently attended a Dentistry workshop. Dr Dyer’s experience demonstrates that through growing self-confidence in her practical and theoretical work, some of the overwhelming stress that plagues everyday clinic life begins to disappear.  

“I have been to two dentistry seminars run by NVC this year and have been extremely impressed by both days. Dr Aaron Forsayeth and Dr Anthony Caiafa were not only very knowledgeable but had an appreciation of general practice so the information they conferred was highly relevant. The seminars were well run enabling us to cover a large amount of content while still having ample ‘hands-on’ time. As a result of these seminars, I feel  confident that I will be able to provide more thorough dental care to my patients and be less stressed myself.”

The objective of the Veterinary Training Centres is the desire to grow and develop the vet industry. As a united and advanced veterinary community, the quality of care and knowledge will see us at the forefront of pet healthcare standards worldwide. 

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