‘We are sorry’: Greyhound Racing Victoria


Greyhound_Racing_4_amkGreyhound Racing Victoria’s new chairman has apologised for the live-baiting scandal that has engulfed the industry.

GRV Chairman Ray Gunston said the organisation has no excuses for allowing the behaviour to go undetected.

Evidence gathered in February during investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland showed live piglets, possums and rabbits being tied to mechanical lures then being pursued and mauled by greyhounds.

GRV have accepted recommendations from the Racing Integrity Commissioner’s interim report on the matter and will work closely with the RSPCA’s investigative team.

“Everything we do from here will be about ensuring we are able to detect such behaviours and act quickly to eradicate them,” Mr Gunston said in a statement on Monday.

“Live-baiting was happening and we missed it. For that we are sorry.”

Evidence gathered in three states has seen the suspension of more than 20 trainers by racing authorities, with investigations continuing.

Victoria’s racing integrity commissioner Sal Perna said there was no evidence to date that the Greyhound Racing Victoria board or senior management knew that live animals were being used to train greyhounds, and it could not have been expected to know given it has limited powers to enter and inspect properties.


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