VNCA bushfire recovery scholarships

VNCA scholarships
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The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia has joined with supporters of the VNCA to offer assistance to veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians suffering hardship as a result of the recent bushfires. 

With some veterinary practices being severely impacted, there is recognition that opportunities and resources to attend continuing professional development (CPD) may also be impacted. 

In order to assist veterinary nurses and technicians suffering hardship with ongoing training, the VNCA has established a number of scholarships with the assistance of valued VNCA supporters and sponsors.

The Bushfire Recovery Scholarships enable bushfire affected VNCA members to undertake career development and earn CPD points to maintain currency by acquiring new skills in clinical techniques and procedures applicable to the veterinary nursing environment.

These scholarships from the VNCA, the veterinary industry and wider community are a tangible show of appreciation for the important work that veterinary nurses and technicians do.


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