Vivid lighting up for wildlife


Vivid lighting up Taronga Zoo for wildlifeVivid Sydney is set to light up Taronga Zoo with sculptures of endangered animals. A glowing Sumatran tiger has been unveiled as the first of many to come.

The festival launches in May and this will be it’s first foray into Taronga Zoo. The Sumatran tiger statue was uncovered along with more artist impressions of lighted sculptures to come.

Fans of the light festival can also expect to see a giant bilby and turtle—complete with moving fins—set to light up Taronga’s night sky.

Cameron Kerr, Taronga Zoo’s chief executive hopes the sculptures, which are set to illuminate at risk species, will ‘shed some light’ on animal conservation issues.

“These incredible sculptures represent 10 critical species from Australia and Sumatra that Taronga is committed to protecting,” said Kerr. “We hope they will leave visitors feeling empowered to take positive action for wildlife conservation.”

Taronga Zoo and Vivid will also be running a program to teach kids the value of wildlife conservation.

“More than 3,400 primary school students from across NSW are busy constructing their own mini-lanterns for display,” said Kerr. “These students are becoming champions for the wild, as they are also studying the threats facing these species and developing ways to support wildlife in their own schools and community.”


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