Virbac to distribute new canine cancer treatment


canine cancer treatment

Australian life sciences company, QBiotics Group Limited, has signed an agreement with Virbac, one of the largest dedicated animal health companies globally, to market and distribute its canine anticancer pharmaceutical, tigilanol tiglate.

Under the terms of the agreement, Virbac is granted the right to market and distribute tigilanol tiglate, QBiotics’ anticancer pharmaceutical, to veterinary markets in the USA, Switzerland, Norway, UK and EU on receipt of marketing authorisation.  There is the potential of future expansion to other focus territories including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Tigilanol tiglate is a new approach to the treatment of solid tumour cancers, discovered by applying QBiotics’ EcoLogic™ approach to drug discovery.

“This agreement is a significant milestone for the company,” QBiotics CEO and managing director Dr Victoria Gordon said.

“We believe Virbac is the right partner for us to launch tigilanol tiglate in key international markets. Virbac has the expertise and global footprint to maximise the commercial success of tigilanol tiglate in major regions such as the USA and Europe.

In addition, they join in QBiotics’ passion about the potential of tigilanol tiglate to address canine cancer for veterinary practitioners, dogs and their owners,” Dr Gordon added.

“Together with Virbac, we have now commenced the launch preparation for the drug.”



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