Virbac launches BackHome online mini microchip

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Virbac is excited to launch BackHome online mini microchip with prepaid online registration for Central Animal Records (CAR).

In 2016, Virbac introduced the first online microchip registration system in conjunction with Australasian Animal Registry (AAR). Online registration has proved incredibly popular with veterinary clinics with more clinics changing to online microchip registration each month. Over 60 per cent of BackHome microchips are currently being registered online.

Virbac is now proud to announce the launch of BackHome online with CAR online registration, allowing clinics using the CAR database to gain the benefits of online microchip registration.

With the traditional method of posting or faxing microchip registration forms to the registry, it can take days to weeks after the animal is microchipped before its details are on the registry. BackHome online allows veterinary clinics to enter pets’ details onto a national registry at the same time as microchipping. For CAR, pet details are entered on the CAR database in real time and for AAR, pet details entered are uploaded at the end of each day, so if the pet goes missing the day after its microchipped, the owner’s details are available.

By getting pets’ details onto a national register ASAP, BackHome online aims to ensure veterinary clinics can help missing pets to be reunited with their owner even if they go missing immediately after microchipping. Veterinary clinics are reporting that online registration is very quick and simple. Clinics are happy to be able to provide a better microchipping service to their clients.

BackHome’s mini microchips are a quality European-made microchip with a 34 per cent smaller needle than standard microchip needles. This can minimise any stress and discomfort to pets during implantation, especially important for microchipping of small kittens and puppies. Each microchip is packaged individually in a sterile pouch with an implanter and identifying barcodes. There are ten microchips per box. BackHome online is available now from your veterinary wholesaler.

For further information, contact your Virbac Territory Manager or email

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