Virbac challenge end-of-year findings released

multimin challenge
QLD Multimin challenger Don McConnel’s heifers

As the year draws to a close, animal health company Virbac Australia has collected all available data on the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge, a 12-month program which invites seven Multimin challengers to share their learnings as they reveal the benefits of Multimin, a trace mineral injection for livestock.

From beef producers in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, to a dairy producer in Victoria and a Poll Merino breeder in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, Virbac’s challengers have being trialling Multimin’s effects. 

The trial has explored improvements in areas such as conception rates and immunity, body conformation, carcass weight and characteristics, incidence of diseases, growth rates and conception times.

With the assistance of expert mentors, challengers have received 12-months-worth of free Multimin product and a tailored nutrition program developed by leading industry mentors. Each program is aligned to each challenger’s goals and ultimately their bottom line, and challengers have been sharing their program results and experiences online.

Next year will bring further results for the Multimin challenge. 

Data due early in 2019 will include weight measurements and MSA grading in steers, pregnancy-testing cows, calving distribution, liver testing, worm egg counts and conception rates. All these factors will influence the performance of livestock and ultimately enhance producer profitability.

“Previous trials have shown that Multimin is able to improve the performance of livestock in these areas,” Virbac livestock nutrition product manager Dr Jerry Liu said. “If this is replicated for our challengers, it will have a significant impact on their bottom line.”

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