REMsystemsWhat our clients say about Vetscan from REM SYSTEMS:

Veterinary Specialist Services, QLD: In house pathology for the veterinary practice needs to be easy to use, reliable and easily maintained. We have been using the Vetscan haematology and biochemistry systems now for more than 15 years! We couldn’t do without it! Bruce Mackay BVSc  FACVSc Tewantin Veterinary Surgery, Qld (3 June, 2014)

To whom it may concern, I am the extremely satisfied owner of the Vetscan HM2 haematology and the Vetscan VS2 biochemistry analysis machines supplied to me by REM Systems. Having had extensive experience with other haematology and biochemistry machines currently on the market, the main feature that sold these systems to me was the simplicity of operation – put simply the less human generated steps, the less room for error. This has indeed been my experience compared to other machines I have used. The error rate is extremely low and the customer technical support fast and efficient. Training my support staff to use these machines is a breeze. Overall, it is reassuring to know that I will receive accurate and rapid results for my patients when using these systems. I would highly recommend these systems to anyone looking to invest in quality diagnostic equipment. Dr Kerrie Kenzler BVSc Turramurra Vet Hospital, NSW

Our Vetscan machine gives us results fast. It is much easier to use than other testing units we considered, so we’re doing way more tests than we expected. Good for patients and our practice. Dr James R Thompson BVSc MANZCVS (Surgery).


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