Vetscan VS2 and Vetscan VSPro: automated, cost-effective and easy to use

VetScan VS2 can be used in the field with its own 12v adapter making it ideal for the equine ambulatory practitioner.

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VetScan VS2

The VetScan VS2 is simple, intuitive, portable and easy to navigate with a simple user interface and the ability to run rotors in minutes. The VS2 can be used in the field with its own 12v adapter making it ideal for the equine ambulatory practitioner. Now you can effectively start pre-purchase exams, monitor fluid therapy, evaluate organ function and easily measure other important parameters in one easy-to-use instrument. With its small footprint and rugged stability, the VS2 is an excellent investment for your clinic, and it also tolerates the rigours of mobile practice.

Equine Profile Plus rotor

The Equine Profile Plus rotor for the VetScan VS2 is designed to provide the equine practitioner with comprehensive point-of-care chemistry results in minutes. When time is of the essence, the information provided by the rotor enhances patient care especially in critical case management. The ease of use and utility of the Equine Profile Plus not only allows the practitioner to diagnose the ill patient, but provides baseline data, which leads to improved medical management while incorporating a comprehensive care plan for each patient. Built-in quality control and calibration on every run provides peace of mind on quality of results. General chemistries, electrolytes and tCO2 run simultaneously without additional equipment, maintenance costs or labour.

The VetScan VSpro

Now you can actually get rapid, automated fibrinogen testing without the hassles, delays and costs associated with the old manual protocol of testing or using commercial lab services. The VetScan Fibrinogen Test is designed for use with the simple and portable VetScan VSpro specialty analyser—delivering lab-quality results right in your office, or barn-side. Fibrinogen is an acute phase protein that is widely used as a marker for inflammation and various types of infections in equine medicine. Elevated levels of fibrinogen in horses indicate a degree of systemic inflammatory response and often occur before clinical evidence of disease.

The VetScan Fibrinogen Test provides the rapid, accurate results you need to evaluate and monitor your patients.

Features of the new VetScan VS2, benefiting you and your patient, include:

  • Quantitative results in less than 15 minutes
  • State-of-the-art microfluidic technology
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Available with a carrying case for portable, in-field use.

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