Vets learn the latest in emergency care

Vets and vet nurses convened in Newcastle on the weekend to discover new ways of managing emergency and critical care cases in pets.

They attended a conference held by the Australian Veterinary Association at the Newcastle Exhibition & Convention Centre called Help! Emergency Medicine for Everyday Practice. President of AVA’s NSW Division Dr Geoff Scarlett said the conference’s main theme was the importance of advancing skills in veterinary emergency and critical care.

“Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. Anyone who is responsible for an animal, from a city living dog owner to an isolated rural farmer, can find themselves in an emergency situation where they need to get veterinary help as soon as possible. This means that every vet needs to be prepared to handle any unexpected problem that comes their way.

Dr Scarlett added: “This conference [was] all about improving our emergency and critical care skills; and although it’s not something that we might use every day, when we need to utilise these skills, it’s vital that we can take action quickly and confidently.”

The conference featured international emergency medicine specialist Dr Erica Reineke from the University of Pennsylvania, who discussed the latest developments in emergency medicine for pets and how to manage seizures and diabetes in dogs.

In addition, local speakers covered topics including snake bite management and treatment of pets exposed to backyard dangers including poisonous plants and prickly pests.

There was also a dedicated nursing stream that explored the nurse’s role in successfully managing emergency cases—everything from tick cases to CPR.

Based on a media release sourced from the AVA.

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  1. Erica is a great speaker simple and practical with the ability to explain the underlying science-the necessary physiology, pathology and pharmacology (with evidence base) in a simple way to reinforce the learning. It was great to get a dose of knowledge and wisdom.

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