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Casey Poleweski, Marketing Manager for VetPartners Australia and New Zealand

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The veterinary industry is currently in a state of corporatisation and increased competition. Brand differentiation at an individual clinic level is becoming more challenging.

As local clinics transform to adapt to this new environment, the door has opened to improved services and higher standards in terms of the service clinics can offer as well as what customers expect.

VetPartners recognise and understand that marketing clinics effectively is imperative in today’s environment; we have a fresh approach that is customisable to each and every clinic, embodied in our mission statement ‘Join Us. Stay You.”

We uphold the legacy of each local clinic brand while implementing our communication strategies, operational procedures and promotional expertise in order to compete with our competitors.

VetPartners is a collective group of 106 practices that operate in both Australia and New Zealand.

Each clinic is run independently and is self-sufficient with its own autonomy in terms of how it functions.

“Diversity and communication with our clinics is our strongest asset,” says Casey Poleweski, Marketing Manager for VetPartners Australia and New Zealand. “Being able to connect with the numerous clinics and evaluate how each clinic advertises their services, and to share in their successes allows us to utilise this information within our network. This gives VetPartners the marketing edge”.

Casey recounts a vendor’s conference where vendors shared and discussed their marketing wins and needs during a table topics workshop.

It was inspiring to hear the many diverse and different ways in which clinics were able to advertise their services to their audiences,” says Casey

“As Marketing Manager, it is my job to bottle it up and preserve this kind of information for clinics who need my marketing expertise in the future.”

Communication Strategies

At VetPartners, we like to keep communication open with our various clinics by educating them on the latest marketing insights and knowledge relevant to their specific markets. This ranges from the user experience of a website, to signage displayed on the facade, to the manner in which a vet nurse answers the telephone.

“We have recently completed our yearly Practice Manager Workshop, where attendants were educated on essential aspects of presenting their practices to the greater public, and how to improve their image with current and potential future clients,” Casey comments.

These workshops are designed primarily to communicate one on one with our support team, both marketing and operations alike, and share these experiences with other practices in the VetPartners family.

“As Marketing Manager, I believe that we need to provide our clinics with the best available resources, systems and processes on how to market their services and ensure that this is obtainable and adaptable across each clinic. Unlike our competitors we do not take on a prescriptive marketing approach as we believe this creates a stale and standard approach that often results in lost opportunities,” says Casey.

Operational Procedures

At VetPartners, we constantly think ahead and encourage our clinics to do the same. We understand that our vets want to focus on being a vet and practicing their best medicine. Often vets don’t have enough time in their busy schedules to plan how they market their practices.

This is where VetPartners marketing works to supplement these needs. With our plethora of knowledge, we have developed a database of content that can be used upon request. We are launching a marketing portal next year that will facilitate all our clinics’ marketing needs, with content such as a library of social media posts and ‘how to’ resources, fact sheets, planning tools and shareable media for online. This will be a momentous asset to our marketing department and a huge advantage for the VetPartners network, reinforcing our guiding principal “Join Us. Stay You.”

Success stories within the network will be detailed on this website to help educate practices in how they can use our marketing services to their full advantage. A prime example is former AMS clinic, Alexandria Vet Hospital, which needed to re-position themselves from their old group to become a modern brand, fit for their market. The VetPartners marketing team worked with the clinic to produce a branding strategy that showcases the location and vibe of the clinic.

“The clinic was rejuvinated with the new branding and we were excited to be involved in the entire process,” says Radha Ravi, NSW Regional Operations Manager.

Promotional Expertise

Marketing have a strong involvement in promoting VetPartners as the umbrella company, where the clinics can benefit from our added recruitment and training and development resources. Recent trade shows such as London Vet Show (LVS) have been one of our most outstanding events.

The successful brand creation and positioning of our international program, ‘Vets Abroad’, is designed to encourage vets from overseas to come and work in Australia or New Zealand. This brand has cemented the longevity of our Locum program, and promotes our practices as the ideal locations to work across
the globe.

“Our marketing team developed the concept behind our London Vet Show trade stand for ‘Vets Abroad’,” says Derek Del Simone, Recruitment Director.

“Our stand was a highlight of the show and stood out amongst our competitors. It was inviting, caught people’s attention and set up the right opportunity for our team to engage with other professionals. We have had a positive result from the LVS with 110 Veterinarians interested in working in Australia or New Zealand.”

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