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Meet VetPartners’ Derek Del Simone at the conference.

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Recruiting and hiring in the veterinary industry has long been a hot topic for many practice owners. All over the world, practice owners and clinical leadership teams struggle daily to recruit highly qualified veterinary professionals. VetPartners is no different—the challenges we face with recruitment are the same as those that a solo vet clinic faces or that of a three-vet clinic. 

VetPartners has realised the significance of this problem and to meet the challenges, we are adopting creative and innovative recruitment strategies and solutions to assist in improving the hiring of veterinarians for our clinics.

Developing future talent 

As an industry, it’s our responsibility to invest in our future and ‘grow our own’. Investing in the development of students and graduates will help ease shortages in the future; and reduce dropout rates. Students and graduates want to learn and strengthen their skills, and as employers and custodians of the veterinary industry, it’s our responsibility to educate and mentor students and graduates to ensure the industry has the best possible future.  

Many industries see first-year graduates as a financial burden, and this is not the right view to have. Developing students and graduates not only gives them the best foundation to grow, it’s also an investment in the clinic’s future.  

VetPartners is already planning for the skills we’ll need in the future, not just as an organisation but also as an industry. Our Graduate Program has been designed to give back to the industry with the training and mentoring of a number of graduates every year. 

Attracting talent

Attracting candidates to specific locations can be challenging for many clinics. To help overcome this, VetPartners has adopted a creative approach to enticing talent from overseas. Our Vets Abroad recruitment campaign includes videos and social media posts featuring recent examples of people who have relocated to Australia, and highlighting how the move has enhanced their lifestyle. We have had an excellent industry response to the campaign and have successfully attracted several veterinarians to our shores, including returning expats. 

In a further nod to the effectiveness of our Vets Abroad campaign, VetPartners has been announced as a Finalist for ‘Best Recruitment Campaign’ in the 2018 Australian HR Awards, with winners to be announced in September.

Attracting candidates to regional areas is another challenge that will be familiar to many clinics, but VetPartners is working hard to change that. 

Our view is ‘If you’re not from here, you just don’t know how great it is’, so a key feature of our recruitment strategy is to promote the unique benefits of each area. 

Employer branding

Today we are faced with two types of candidates, the Active Job Hunters and the Passive Job Seekers. The Passive Job Seekers are people who are not actively looking for a change but can be enticed by a better opportunity. As such, it is incumbent on us, the employers, to create an employment and candidate experience that engages and creates interest. 

Since establishment in 2016, VetPartners has grown to be a network of over 120 clinics. Due to our ‘Join Us, Stay You’ philosophy, this means we also have more than 120 different cultures and autonomous clinical standards. The careers team ensures each clinic’s point of difference is highlighted to give the talent pool the most information possible so they can make an informed decision about their next step.

If you are attending the upcoming ASAV conference, feel free to stop by our stand and say hello. 

Derek Del Simone

Recruitment Director ANZ


0417 202 998

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