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AI stethoscope for vets

Stethee Vet is the world’s first AI stethoscope for vets, where animals’ vital signs are instantly uploaded (below).

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Vepalabs Veterinary Pathology has a versatile new product to offer in the form of Stethee Vet—the world’s first AI digital stethoscope specifically designed for veterinary use. This innovative product marks the first time a digital AI-enabled stethoscope has been focused on improving the experience and efficiency of acquiring, storing, sharing and diagnosing an animal’s vital sign data.

AI stethoscope for vetsAnimals often have a ‘flight or fight’ reaction to seeing a traditional stethoscope, resulting too often in the vet being scratched or bitten. One of the many benefits of Stethee Vet is that the device can be used by the pet owner with the vet listening and capturing the pet’s vital signs wirelessly or on their mobile device. The animal’s vital signs are instantly uploaded to the cloud where intelligent AI software analyses and compares millions of related vital signs to help the vet make informed diagnostic decisions.

Stethee Vet is beautifully designed, easy to use and inherently powerful. Engineered with uncompromising high-resolution digital acoustic hardware to capture and filter heart and respiratory sounds with incredible clarity. M3DICINE worked with veterinary cardiologists to create a bank of specially designed filters which can be selected at the touch of a button, to enhance the subtle nuances of cardiac sounds for feline, canine, equine, bovine or more exotic patients.

To secure your Stethee Vet, contact Vepalabs Veterinary Pathology on 1300 837 252.

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