Vaccine protects against lamb losses

Farm manager, Scott Norton, of Leighburn Farm in Shellford, Victoria, is seeing the positive results of vaccinating with Campyvax

Sheep producers are benefiting from using Campyvax to reduce lamb losses caused by the Campylobacter bacteria.

Produced by Coopers Animal Health, Campyvax is the only vaccine that helps control reproductive losses caused by Campylobacter bacteria, aiding in the control of abortion events and overall, supporting increased lambing numbers.

Campylobacter can be a significant source of reproductive losses in sheep due to the two major Campylobacter species: Campylobacter fetus fetus and Campylobacter jejuni. The impact to the farm can be significant production losses in lamb foetuses and hidden lamb losses, financially impacting the farm.

Campylobacter can also contribute to the loss of genetic improvement, and infection can affect the health of the broader flock.

Jim Walsh, technical advisor at Coopers Animal Health, said a blood test revealed that Campylobacter is common on farms across Australia, and that many farmers who are using Campyvax are reporting positive results.

“Coopers Animal Health started blood testing farms in 2014 and 59 out of 62 farms tested in Western Australia and 68 out of 69 farms tested in Victoria have shown exposure to Campylobacter,” he said.

“There have been some fantastic results from farmers who have used the vaccine, but it’s not only about increasing percentages, it’s also about protecting the numbers you have against future Campylobacter events.”

You can read more about Campylobacter here.

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