UQ helps reduce poultry production health risks

poultry production

The University of Queensland is part of a new collaboration that will help feed the world’s growing demand for poultry and eggs, while minimising the risk to international public health from animal-to-human-diseases.

UQ has become a key partner of the One Health Poultry Hub, a global alliance to help developing nations avoid intensive poultry farming hazards.

Poultry researcher and veterinary epidemiologist Dr Joerg Henning, from UQ’s School of Veterinary Science, said it was time more research was conducted to prevent international public health risks.

“Population growth is driving increasing demand for poultry meat and egg production, and this rapid intensification creates the conditions for diseases to emerge, to spread quickly and to spill over to people,” he said.

“These risks include bacterial food poisoning, strains of avian influenza with epidemic or pandemic potential, and increased antimicrobial resistance due to misuse of antibiotics in poultry farming.

“The need for safe, sustainable poultry production is most urgent in South and South East Asia, and the One Health Poultry Hub will focus on countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.”

The Hub will be led by the Royal Veterinary College – London, and include partners in Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK.  

It will bring together teams of laboratory, clinical, veterinary and social scientists to investigate how and why intensification of poultry production increases the risk of infectious disease.


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