Two conditions—one food!

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Dr Delisa Appleton BVSc (Hons) PhD—Senior Technical Services Veterinarian, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

I’d like you to meet Chester. Chester is a two-year-old neutered, male Golden Retriever belonging to Lizzy, an Australian veterinary nurse.

What do you think of Chester’s body condition?

In this photo he weighs 38kg. I would rate him as a body condition score 5/5. His ideal weight is 32kg. Chester also has severe bilateral hip dysplasia and has been recommended for hip replacement surgery. Chester was managed on joint supplements and NSAIDs and was put on a weight-management diet. Exercise was limited to two to three 30-minute walks each week, however after each walk he had exacerbated arthritic symptoms such as lameness and difficulty rising.

Clearly, Chester is suffering from two serious conditions that could benefit from nutritional solutions: he is overweight AND has osteoarthritis.

How often do you see dogs like Chester?

Osteoarthritis and obesity are perhaps the most common comorbidities seen in dogs. Overweight dogs are prone to mobility issues partly because excess weight puts extra stress and strain on weight-bearing joints. Dogs with osteoarthritis are also less able or willing to exercise, leading to, or exacerbating, weight problems. Hence, each issue is able to cause or exacerbate the other, so it is not surprising that in 2012, the Banfield “State of Pet Health” documented 40 per cent of dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis at Banfield hospitals in the USA were also diagnosed as being overweight.

Complicating this relationship is the fact that adipose tissue is not inert but produces a variety of hormones (adipokines) and inflammatory mediators which have detrimental effects on joint cartilage.

The dilemma faced by the veterinary health care team when presented with a dog like Chester is which problem to address first—his obesity or his joint pain? Ideally, to achieve the best outcome for both Chester and his owner, we would attend to both conditions together.

The ideal food for Chester is now available. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic Plus Mobility combines the benefits of two proven nutritional solutions: Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and Hill’s j/d Canine, rolled into one powerful food!

The nutrition of Metabolic Plus Mobility is clinically proven to work with each dog’s unique metabolism, activating the body’s natural ability to burn excess body fat and affect calorie utilisation while sparing lean muscle mass, resulting in more effective weight loss than ever before. It is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients which has been shown to activate a pet’s metabolism. These ingredients include coconut oil, phytonutrients and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, controlled amounts of high-quality protein along with a healthy mix of soluble and insoluble fibre, all working synergistically to ‘turn up’ fat-burning pathways and ‘turn down’ fat-storing pathways. Metabolic Plus Mobility also contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA (eicosapentanoeic acid), to reduce inflammation and interrupt the degradation of joint cartilage. Glucosamine, chondroitin and L-carnitine are also important components of this food.

Chester was transitioned onto Hill’s Prescription DietCanine Metabolic Plus Mobility. After two months on the food, Lizzy is ecstatic! She says that Chester now tolerates 30-minute walks every day. She tries to stop Chester from jumping into her car but he just leaps in enthusiastically and no longer needs to be hoisted in. He has been taken off NSAIDs and hasn’t had joint supplements since starting the diet. Chester’s weight is a neat 32kg! Lizzy will continue to supervise his care and keep us posted. He is already on his third bag. Lizzy initially thought the cost of Metabolic Plus Mobility would be prohibitive, but then she realised she is saving in not having to purchase medications or supplements. Most importantly, Chester is doing so much better now on Metabolic Plus Mobility.

With the introduction of Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic Plus Mobility you have one food with clinically proven nutrition to manage overweight and obese dogs with osteoarthritis. For patients like Chester, it is now easier than ever before to customise a specific nutritional management protocol which encourages compliance, is easy to recommend and feed, and results in improved patient outcomes.


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