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BCF Ultrasound is the leading supplier of veterinary ultrasound solutions to vets across Australia and New Zealand. We specialize in tailoring packages specifically to your large animal requirements and back it up with post-sales support, service and education from our locally owned service centres. Here is a snap shot of the most popular picks from our wide range of quality systems. 

The Mindray M8 and M9

Mindray M8 and M9

These two premium portable options are ideal for equine practitioners serious about sonography. The M8 and M9 both have superior image quality with exceptional resolution and depth penetration. Whether its internal medicine, echocardiography, musculoskeletal or advanced reproductive scanning, these machines have you covered. 

In addition to standard B-Mode, M-Mode, Colour/Power and Pulsed Wave Doppler modes (CW optional), they are packed with premium features that will elevate your diagnostics such as tissue harmonic imaging, single crystal transducer technology, spatial compounding (iBeam), speckle reduction (iClear) and even elastography. 

Other benefits for maximum efficiency with workflow include rapid start up time, up to 90mins battery time, in built Wi-Fi, DICOM, intuitive workflow and reporting function packaged in a robust yet light weight magnesium alloy casing.  With a full selection of probes to select from including convex, phased array, linear or rectal, both models are compatible with an adjustable height premium trolley for easy conversion to a cart based system in the hospital setting. 

The SonoSite EDGE II

Sonosite Edge II

Equine vets looking for a tough and light weight option that stands up to the rigours of busy ambulatory practice can’t go past the SonoSite EDGE II Vet. This portable ultrasound system is a work horse that combines great image resolution with features suited to equine vets on the go.  

Improved image resolution with DirectClear technology, rapid start up, robust portability with optional Armoured Cable Technology and sealed fluid resistant keypad make it our most popular ultrasound system for equine reproductive and ambulatory practice.  The optional trolley and triple transducer connect also allows rapid conversion to a reliable cart-based system for use in hospital settings. 

Easy-Scan Curve

Easi-Scan Curve

For cattle, the Easi-Scan Curve has been specifically developed for routine reproductive scanning, pregnancy diagnosis and foetal sexing. The significantly wider field of view with the curved sector shape and lower frequency range strikes an ideal balance of image detail and depth penetration. Enhance your efficiency with our heads-up display options of NFI5000 monocular Near-Field Imaging Display or BUG goggles without compromising peripheral vision.

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