Trupanion launches in Australia

pet insurance

Trupanion, a pet insurance provider in the US and Canada, has launched into Australia, promising to disrupt the Australian pet insurance market.

Its foray into the Australia market is the Seattle-based company’s first expansion outside of North America. 

The Trupanion model is fundamentally different, developed through strong collaboration with vets from North America and now Australia, insuring more than 500,000 cats and dogs across—currently—the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. 

“We now have a product that allows pets to be treated the way they deserve and that takes away the stress and guesswork for families trying to budget for their pet’s health needs,” general manager (and veterinarian) Dr Stephen Rose said. 

“With my 18 years in vet hospitals in Australia, seeing families torn in making emotional financial decisions was pretty hard. That is why I have designed one simple-to-understand plan with no payout limits [and] 90 per cent co-pay of eligible claims.

“We will be here for our members 24/7, 365 days a year,” Dr Rose added. 

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