Tools of the trade: ULED examination light and Phantom surgical light


LED lightsby Dr Jim Thompson, Turramurra Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Both of these lights are manufactured by Planet Lighting. The ULED Examination Light is for general examinations and minor procedures. The Phantom Surgical Light is larger and brighter, suitable for all types of surgical procedures.

What’s good about them

We replaced our old halogen lights with these LED lights and the difference is remarkable. LED lighting is clearly superior and the lighting doesn’t produce any heat. If you stood under our old lighting for an extended period of time during a procedure, it felt like you were getting sunburned. Of course, this also means that the animal doesn’t get unnecessarily heated.

These lights have a very sleek, easily cleanable design without any cavities or pockets in which dirt or blood can collect. This is incredibly important in an age of increasing antibiotic resistance.

The lights are available as either as a wall-mount or ceiling-mount. We have both styles of mounting in our surgeries and they are highly manoeuvrable. Both styles of light contain multiple light sources within their head that creates shadowless illumination. The LED lights don’t require any time to warm up—they come straight on.

LED lights also last a very long time so you’re not replacing them every two minutes. While they are not cheap, they’re cost-effective against other equivalent high-quality lights. I also like the fact that they are Australian-made.

What’s not so good

Both of these lights are fairly new additions to our practice and, so far, I’ve been extremely happy with them. They provide ample, cool illumination and are easy to move and position.

Where did you get them

Gerard Lighting


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