Tools of the trade: Tonovet


tonometerby Dr Andrew Hemming, Flinders View Veterinary Surgery, QLD

The Tonovet accurately measures eye pressure in dogs, cats and other animals. We achieve better results and outcomes because we’re diagnosing the underlying condition of the eye problem, not guessing what’s happening to the pressures of the eye.

What’s good about it

The Tonovet is easy to use and doesn’t require any special calibration. It is powered by normal over-the-counter batteries that are easy to replace, taking away the frustration of specialist batteries. The procedure is fast and the animals don’t seem to mind the testing, rarely reacting to the check of their eye pressure.

The tool also has a very quick learning curve for vets and nurses. Older eye pressure devices require a probe to sit against the eyeball and animals hate it. The Tonovet has a probe that bounces against cornea, rapidly and painlessly taking measurements. It records five separate readings and averages them giving very accurate results. It’s so quick that it’s not unusual for me to check the eye pressure 30 times in under a minute.

Another benefit is that prior to owning the Tonovet, we had to send clients to the eye specialist. That cost to the owner is significant just to get eye pressures measured. Now that we do it all in-house, it’s cheaper for our clients with quicker results and better staff satisfaction.

What’s not so good

As it’s a very fine measuring tool, it’s also very delicate. It’s a tool you don’t want to drop. We have an extra grip on the handle and an arm strap to stop that happening. It’s more expensive than similar products but is much more user-friendly and produces the quickest results.

Where did you get it

General Veterinary Products

Also available at Sound Veterinary


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