Tools of the trade: SunTech Vet20


by Jessica Myts VN, Hills Veterinary Centre, Blackwood, SA

Prior to purchasing this unit, we had another brand of blood pressure monitor that was very unreliable. Every time it was used, consecutive readings would vary widely for no reason. The SunTech Vet20 is a far superior machine.

What’s good about it

We use this unit with all our hospital patients, mainly older cats, and all our surgical patients. It allows us to accurately monitor their blood pressure and ensure that it’s not too high or low.

It has a cuff that attaches to a leg or tail depending on which spot is more level with the heart. It inflates quickly, takes a reading and doesn’t require any shaving or gel. It’s quite a small unit, portable and very easy to use.

Most animals tolerate the machine very well. When a patient is anaesthetised for surgery, the blood pressure results are extremely accurate.

The unit records the last 50 readings so it’s easy to look back during surgery and track the blood pressure during the entire procedure. It also calculates the average blood pressure which is very handy.

What’s not so good

It would be nice if it had a timer so measurements could be taken automatically. If it was set to take a reading every five minutes during surgery, we would have a continuous record without the need to physically operate the machine every time.

Where did you get it


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