Tools of the trade: Smart Flow Work Optimisation System


veterinary practice management softwareby Dr Jane Kohler, Barkers Veterinary Clinic + Hospital, Hawthorn, VIC.

We originally purchased Smart Flow to use as an anaesthetic monitoring system and to assist us in becoming a paperless practice. Over time we have expanded its use to organise different areas of the practice and to ensure that no billings are missed.

What’s good about it

It’s a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere by most devices. It can be used to organise in-hospital patients, all their treatments and record when everything’s due. It lists how much of each drug you need to give and makes everything accountable. From a liability and a legal standpoint, it ensures that everything is recorded accurately.

The system can be set up so different staff members have different levels of access. It can be accessed from any computer station and we have it loaded on two iPads that can move around the clinic with the patient.

It’s important that everyone on staff is trained and aware of its high degree of accountability. If you forget to cross things off or tick a box in a timely manner then it’s going to show up later.

The feedback and responsiveness from the Smart Flow company is excellent. You can submit questions, ask for different versions, request updates and the company is flexible and quick to respond. There’s 24/7 support and if something goes wrong they usually get back to you within minutes.

What’s not so good

Access to the anaesthetic chart is only via an iPad yet strangely, the rest of the system can be accessed on any tablet or desktop.

Where did you get it

Smart Flow 


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