Tools of the trade: Six-piece winged elevator set


elevator-setby Dr Heather Shortridge, Queanbeyan Vet Hospital, NSW

When I worked at a clinic that had a set of elevators with long handles, I found them very difficult to use. They often slipped when I was trying to extract teeth and made dentistry much more difficult than it needed to be. This elevator set comes with stubby handles and are a joy to use.

What’s good about it

The stubby handles make a huge amount of difference, especially for women or people with smaller hands. The shorter handle allows for better control of the elevator. You can place your finger on the other end and position the tool steadily and accurately. The longer handles are much more likely to slip because they need to be controlled from one end. If a person with small hands uses the long handles, there’s a higher chance of doing trauma to the gums, top of the mouth or the tongue of the animal. In my experience, removing teeth was much more difficult and time-consuming with elevators that did not fit in my hands.

I find the stubby handles well-shaped and they fit neatly in my hand. The purchase of this set of elevators makes a huge difference to my dental work. They’re definitely one of my favourite—and best value—tools that we own at the practice.

What’s not so good

There are no negatives to this product. The stubby handle solves the problem I had when using a longer elevator to extract teeth. This is a fantastic and extremely useful set of tools.

Where did you get it



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