Tools of the trade: Philips EverFlo oxygen concentrator


04.-EverFlo3Qrt_CKHiLg_PPReview by Dr Michaela Avery, Fletcher Veterinary Practice, Fletcher, NSW

This is a portable machine used for producing oxygen. It’s basically an oxygen scavenger that removes all the nitrogen from the air and produces a concentration of oxygen above 82 per cent. We only just purchased this unit but it’s already my new favourite machine.

What’s good about it
Various welfare organisations bring us quite a few kittens and some of them have cat flu or pneumonia. Using this oxygen generator has allowed us to save many of those kittens. We can leave it on all night because, unlike compressed gas cylinders, the oxygen is non-flammable. It’s fantastic to be able to leave the kittens in a respiratory chamber overnight. It’s also been very effective for cases of tick paralysis and head trauma. Placing the patient in an oxygen-rich environment helps them to overcome a head injury much faster. We’ve had quite a few little birds with head injuries that have benefitted from this oxygen concentrator.
This is a much better option than relying purely on bottled oxygen. You don’t have to worry about the clinic burning down overnight and you don’t have to purchase oxygen refills every week.
As the unit weighs about 12 kilograms and comes with wheels, it can be easily moved. It’s also compact—smaller than the oxygen bottles. We didn’t know how handy it would be until we purchased it.

What’s not so good
It can’t be used for CPR. The flow is too low to refill a rebreathing bag for positive ventilation. It’s also fairly noisy. I do worry about the noise it makes when using it with small birds. However, with all things considered, the sound isn’t too bad.

Where did you get it
Easy Oxygen (


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