Tools of the trade: petMAP Plus

by Dr David Warren, Mira Mar Veterinary Hospital, Albany, WA

We wanted a dedicated blood-pressure monitor to operate in conjunction with the multi-parameter unit we use in surgery. We wanted something that was good for small animals—specifically cats—and that gives a reliable blood-pressure reading. When we asked around some of the tertiary teaching facilities, they recommended petMAP.

What’s good about it

We run a very active senior’s month and senior’s program and we’ve found petMAP to be easy to use, portable and non-intrusive. We’ve even discovered that petMAP gives us readings that weren’t being picked up by the multi-parameter unit.

During our senior’s month, we take five blood-pressure readings with every patient that comes through for a senior’s profile. Our nurses run that and it’s very low stress for the animal. We’ve also found that for dentals and non-sterile surgeries, the petMAP is great due to its portability and ease of use. It’s a simple matter to set the unit for a particular limb or tail, attach the cuff and get an accurate result. If we have any concerns about the readings being delivered, we apply ongoing monitoring to the animal.

It also comes with a really nice rubberised cover that acts as protection when it inevitably gets dropped. The petMAP is often in situations where it gets splashed, bumped and thumped around a bit. Thankfully, it seems to be a pretty robust unit.

What’s not so good

We’ve owned the unit for about three years and have recently noticed that the battery on full charge isn’t lasting as long as it once did. But I suppose that’s to be expected.

Where did you get it


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