Tools of the trade: Olympus CX 22 LED microscope

microscopeby Victoria Harrington, Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic, VIC

During consults, we regularly use this microscope to look at ear swabs and work out what bacteria or yeast we’re targeting. We pick the treatment that’s needed based on what we see under the microscope. We also use it for skin cytology and for checking cells obtained from the fine needle aspirate of a lump or organ.

What’s good about it

A lot of new microscopes have a digital attachment that may help in visualising the field more easily. This is a basic optical version where you simply look down the eyepieces. Nevertheless, it allows us to diagnose conditions quickly and accurately without the need to send samples to a lab.

While we use it predominantly for ear infections and skin cytology, it can also be used for red blood cell counts, white blood cell counts, and platelet counts. In many cases, however, we find it more time-efficient and accurate to send full blood examinations to the lab for analysis.

The LED light is a pure white light that illuminates beautifully. The LED globes last for an extremely long time and don’t have to be changed very often, which is great in a busy practice like mine. We use this microscope with immersion oil which can sometimes be a messy business. Fortunately, it’s very easy to clean the lenses so they are good to go again. This microscope gets used in our practice between 10 and 20 times a day.

What’s not so good

I’m very, very happy with this microscope—it’s a good model. Potentially, it could be an improvement to get the digital attachments but I don’t really need them at this stage. The microscope is positioned just outside my consult room door so clients with a special interest in the findings can easily have a look if they are keen.

Where did you get it


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