Tools of the trade: Lantus SoloSTAR pen


LantusReview by Dr Xia Niu, Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital, Blackburn, VIC

The SoloSTAR pen has revolutionised the way we treat diabetes. We no longer need to send vials of insulin home with clients and hope they give the correct dose to their pets.

What’s good about it The struggle with diagnosing and treating diabetic patients is that their life expectancy is solely dependent on the compliance of their owners. In the past, owners needed to draw up insulin from a vial using a traditional syringe. The people who really struggled were little old ladies whose elderly cat or dog was diagnosed with diabetes. Their hands would be shaking and they were really at risk of drawing an incorrect insulin dose. There was even a chance they could mistakenly inject themselves. The SoloStar solves all those problems. These pens have cartridges of insulin fitted inside. There is a dial at the end of the pen where you set how much insulin you want to inject. The dose is always accurate and they are not as painful when injected. These pens are incredibly easy to use and have eliminated the need to draw up any insulin. The needles are purchased separately and are available in different lengths and gauges to suit each animal. The pen is used over and over until the insulin is gone. Generally, they last for a couple of months. Clients love them. Owners of pets from a non-medical background—which is most of them—are very wary about drawing up the insulin and injecting their pet. This makes the whole process much simpler.

What’s not so good The SoloSTAR is a relatively new instrument and we’ve only been using it at our clinic this year. So far I have found no negatives. It’s just a fantastic piece of equipment.

Where did you get it Lyppard (

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  1. Been using it on my cat for about 5 years. I used to get it from the vet at a huge price but then I found out that with a prescription from the vet I can get it at a third of the price from the pharmacist.

    • Hi Val, I just read your review while searching online for info. regarding Pen verses Syringe. My cat was just diagnosed and we’ve already spent $1, 250 in bills from diagnosing and testing. He has diabetes and we are trying to regulate it. I’m trying to find info. that’s current as yours seems to be. I was not aware of the pen and wonder what the cost and ease of use benefit would be. I’ve found very little info. so far online and would be grateful for any that you might be able to share. Thanks, Ilene


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