Tools of the trade: Keeler Surgical 3X Optical loupes + LED light

loupesby Dr Brian Golden, Brighton Veterinary Hospital, SA

I purchased these loupes after receiving a glowing recommendation from a mate. The magnification and attached light are extremely helpful when undertaking precise surgery. They look like a pair of safety glasses with the loupes attached to the frame. There is a strap that can be tightened at the back of your head so they are secure and the weight is off your nose.

What’s good about it

When doing any surgery that requires sutures and precise positioning, the 3X magnification makes a big difference. The LED light provides excellent illumination, making everything clear and unambiguous.

When undertaking cruciate surgery, the loupes aid meniscal assessment. They are also excellent when doing any surgery with sutures smaller than 4-0. I use them in the examination room, particularly if there’s an eye I need to examine.

When I purchased the Keeler loupes, a rep from Design for Vision came to the clinic to adjust them specifically for me. He measured the distance between my eyes and ensured that the alignment was correct. The working distance is fixed at approximately 46cm for me at 190cm, but there are other options to suit your height.

Loupes certainly have a lot of applications as there are many times when magnification and illumination just makes things easier.

What’s not so good

They are a little weighty, particularly if undertaking a long procedure. The LED light has a battery pack that sits in your pocket and the cord that runs down from the loupes can sometimes get in the way.

Where did you get it

Design for Vision 

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