Tools of the trade: K-Laser


therapeutic laserby Dr Rob Hill, Treendale Pet Medical, WA.

I had read about K-Laser and its popularity in the United States and so decided to purchase one for our practice. We’ve been getting amazing results with it and the wonderful thing is that just about every case we see can have some benefit from laser therapy.

What’s good about it

The K-Laser really speeds up wound healing and we use it with all animals that have had surgery. It effectively halves healing time with those cases. It also has an analgesic effect and reduces pain. The laser works by stimulating the surrounding tissue and increasing blood supply. This brings all the nutrients to help regenerate tissue.

We also use it for osteoarthritis as it provides a deep heat therapy. The analgesic and healing properties make it very effective when dealing with injured tendons, injured ligaments, injured muscles, minor wounds, chronic wounds, and all post-op cases—just about everything that walks through the door.

It’s a very easy technology to use and a very cost-effective type of treatment. People sign up their animals for laser treatment packages and they come in every day. This gives the vet and staff an opportunity to build relationships with clients. It’s a really wonderful way of getting foot traffic through the door.

There is great clinical benefit in providing ongoing laser therapy. A lot of these animals are crippled with pain and the improvement in their quality of life has been amazing.

And it feels good too! I’ve treated cats with arthritis suffering from a lot of back and knee pain. Once I start the laser therapy they just curl up on the table and go to sleep.

What’s not so good

You can’t do any harm with the K-Laser provided it’s used correctly. If you held it in one spot for too long, you could potentially burn the animal. It’s just a matter of being trained properly and following the right protocols.

Where did you get it



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