Tools of the trade: IM3 Revolution 4DC


by Dr Amanda Darbishire, Albion Veterinary Surgery, QLD

This is a fixed-arm digital dental radiology unit that creates beautiful images. It has made dentistry much more fun because I can now clearly see all the detail in every radiograph.

What’s good about it

Once you’ve moved the X-ray generator to where you want it, it remains fixed in that position. If you don’t get the angle quite right for the radiograph, it’s a simple matter to adjust the arm and get the perfect shot. The arm has a great range of movement and the X-ray head stays locked in position until you move it again.

Having the ability to lock the X-ray head in position gives clearer, sharper results as there’s no movement when the image is taken. I’ve used handheld units in the past and the results were never as good as with the Revolution 4DC. The other great advantage is that there are no radiation issues. You just set it up, walk away into a safe zone, and take the image.

We use a CR7 processor that creates the images extremely quickly. The image can then be manipulated in a number of different ways. It can be made darker, lighter, text can be added or endodontic mode can be chosen when looking at the roots of teeth.

There is very little scatter from the unit so it also works extremely well at X-raying the paws of smaller animals. A report with images can be printed out and given to the owner and these have been very popular.

What’s not so good

I can’t think of any negatives—it’s been a really excellent piece of equipment. We’ve only had it for a couple of months so if you ask me again a year from now, I might have a different answer.

Where did you get it



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