Tools of the trade: IDEXX VetTest 8008 Chemistry Analyser


by Soraya Rifai VN, Pimpana Pet Vet, QLD

We use this analyser to run general health checks for dogs and cats. We also run tests before pre-general anaesthetic and record the animal’s kidney and liver function. It gives a lot of extremely useful information from a simple blood test.

What’s good about it

This analyser produces accurate results in about six minutes. It can also run a CK (creatine kinaese) test that we use to detect muscle damage. As our practice is located in south-east Queensland, we often use this test to confirm snakebite. The fact that the results are generated so quickly is greatly appreciated by our clients. There are other veterinary clinics in our area that come to us to test their animals for suspected snakebite. Not only does it detect snake venom but any other toxin that can break down muscle and cause damage.

It’s very easy to learn how to operate the analyser. Prompts come up on the screen and you just follow the instructions. All our nurses and trainees use it regularly.

There is very little maintenance with this unit. Occasionally it needs to be calibrated but generally we just switch it on in the morning and it’s ready to go.

We have the analyser set up for use with dogs and cats but the settings can be changed so it can be used with other animals.

What’s not so good

The system prints out the results but it doesn’t load onto our computer without using another program. We have to physically scan the documents to input the information into our computer. It can be a real hassle on a busy day when there’s only one nurse trying to run everything.

Where did you get it



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