Tools of the trade: IDEXX SediVue

urinalysis unitby Dr Christine Baker, Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre, Olinda, VIC

The SediVue analyses urine sediments to look for things like red and white blood cells, crystals, signs of infection and bacteria.

What’s good about it

Prior to owning this piece of equipment, we’d have to centrifuge the urine to spin it down and obtain a sediment plug. That would then be put onto a slide followed by a wait for it to dry. The sample would then be stained and examined under the microscope.

Now we just place the urine in the SediVue and three to five minutes later, we have clear results on a computer screen. It’s a great time-saver and it removes a lot of the operator error that can occur when slides are prepared by hand.

We’ve only had the unit for a few months but we’re finding that we now do sediment analysis much more frequently. The SediVue is very useful for patients showing signs of urinary tract problems such as inappropriate urination, incontinence and straining to urinate. We are also picking up urinary tract problems in animals that do not show a lot of symptoms. Additionally, we are detecting things that could have been missed in the past. It’s also great for deciding which cases need a urine culture and it allows us to be more judicious with our antibiotic use.

Once the analysis has been run, it produces a selection of 12 images that can be manually reviewed. The printed report contains one image, which is great to show clients exactly what’s going on.

The machine requires some maintenance but it is pretty straightforward and we haven’t had any issues in that regard.

What’s not so good

It’s a little unreliable in identifying crystals. However, when you review the images, there is the option to make adjustments if something has been misidentified. The SediVue is not foolproof so the images need to be reviewed to ensure everything has been labelled correctly.

Where did you get it

IDEXX laboratories

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