Tools of the trade: ICR 3600 Digital X-ray unit


by Dr Philip Druce, Auburn Vet Hospital, NSW

We’ve had other digital X-ray units but this one is smaller, easier to use and creates high-quality X-rays. It can be positioned on a bench and moved around if required.

What’s good about it

It comes with a chart that gives the ideal settings for X-raying different animals. For example, you can set it for a cat’s thorax and it might suggest 60KVP and 30MA. Using those settings will ensure you produce a clear X-ray.

The image quality is very high. It mightn’t be as good as what you would get in an animal referral centre but it’s perfect for a typical veterinary practice. Generally, the higher the image quality, the higher the cost of the machine. This one is pretty good value for money but still produces high-quality images.

From taking the X-ray to producing the image is very fast. The only thing that slows me down is if an animal is particularly uncooperative.

The results appear on a computer screen and can be easily saved to patient files. There’s also the option to look at multiple X-rays simultaneously. They can be lined up side by side for easy comparison. It’s very handy when comparing two shots from different angles or a current X-ray against one taken previously.

What’s not so good

This is a great unit that creates clear X-rays quickly. There are really no negatives to the machine. I’ve been very happy with it since we purchased it.

Where did you get it

ATX Veterinary Solutions.


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