Tools of the trade: Hanshin 21 Litre Steriliser

by Dr Warren Doidge, Companion Vet Care, North Lakes, QLD

We had another autoclave, probably about a four- or five-year-old, that had to be replaced due to necessity. We purchased this smaller capacity Hanshin model and we’ve been very happy with the unit and the after-sales service from Mediquip.

What’s good about it

This is a very straightforward machine that’s easy to operate. We had it plumbed in so we never have to empty any chambers or containers. The installation and connection to the water system was included with the purchase price. We just had to ensure that water pipes were close to where we wanted to position the unit.

Even though it’s a smaller model, we easily sterilise two or three kits at the same time. It’s fairly quick and the cycles can be time and temperature adjusted. This is to compensate for plastics and different types of consumables and instruments. Once it’s programmed, you just push a button and off it goes.

The maintenance is minimal—basically just inspecting the seal, general surface cleaning, checking the water levels and cleaning the interior. It has an alarm to remind you when the cycle is finished and another error alarm if anything goes wrong. This would go off if the water levels were too low or if the drainage was not adequate.

What’s not so good

While this model is big enough for our needs—we sterilise about four kits a day—a busier practice would probably need a larger capacity model. We also had an early issue when the pressure in the machine made the door seal shut and it wouldn’t open. Mediquip sorted that out very quickly and we haven’t had a problem since then.

Where did you get it


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