Tools of the trade: Genoray Port-XII digital dental X-ray


digital dental X-rayby Jenna McAtamney VN, Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital, Orange, NSW

We use the Genoray every time we do a dental in our practice. Not only is it the standard of care that we offer our clients—it’s also very helpful to be able to visualise the roots of the teeth before undertaking any procedures.

What’s good about it

The Genoray allows us to pick up any problems nice and early. It’s a good way to reveal any underlying issues unable to be seen on physical examination. It also benefits the patient in that we don’t extract any teeth unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The unit is a completely portable, hand-held device that we can move to anywhere in the clinic. It also produces quite a low dose of radiation. It’s safe for other personnel to be in the same room during operation, provided they are at least three metres away from the machine.

The quality of the images is very high—they show a lot of detail and can be manipulated to get the best result. They are processed in our normal digital X-ray processor. The X-rays all get attached to the patient’s file so we have a record of their teeth for future reference.

The Genoray runs off batteries that charge up when it’s plugged into a powerpoint. It’s a great device that produces excellent results.

What’s not so good

It takes quite a bit of practice and training to get the angles right so you get a nice clear image of the roots and teeth. If anything is out of alignment then the image is distorted.

Where did you get it



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