Tools of the trade: Foscam FI9831P—1.3 MP HD 960p H.264 Plug & Play Indoor Wireless IP Camera


9831pfrontface-w_3by Dr Nicole Laurence, Foothills Animal Hospital, Armadale, WA

When our practice was built about three years ago, we decided to install some monitoring cameras. We wanted to keep an eye on non-critical patients who were staying in the hospital overnight. It’s an easy way to give owners, and the vets, peace of mind.

What’s good about it

There is an app that connects the camera feed to our iPhones.The vet on duty can use the phone to keep an eye on the animals. We have four cameras in different areas of the hospital. If any patient looks unsettled, if an IV fluids pump stops or something isn’t right, we can just come in. If the animal is sleeping and peaceful, we can take a photo, text it to the owner and tell them that everything is fine.

The camera also has infrared capabilities so we can keep an eye on the overnighters without disturbing their sleep.

There’s also a two-way sound system attached to the camera. You can use it to hear the animals breathing and to check fluid pumps are working correctly. If there are any concerns, you can talk to the animals and they will often sit up or look around.The camera is very high quality and the detail is clear when you zoom in. Having the camera connect to an iPhone makes the unit very convenient and extremely useful.

The Foscam camera system is fantastic and it certainly helps us sleep better at night knowing our patients are doing fine at the hospital.

What’s not so good

While the cameras have the ability to move and zoom in and out, the motors on a couple of units broke down and had to be replaced. The units themselves are relatively inexpensive

Where did you get it

Fiscal Australia.


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