Tools of the trade: ezyVet


by Dr Colin Huxley, Five Dock Veterinary Hospital, NSW.

Our practice had been running VetAid for years. It was such a stable system that we never had a compelling reason to change—until I met the ezyVet people and decided to upgrade our system.

What’s good about it

The dashboard is very user-friendly and allows you to move around the system easily. It can also be accessed from any device. ezyVet enables us to send SMS reminders to our clients and this has been very successful and achieved a great response rate.

Reports generated by ezyVet allow me to keep a good track of the business. ezyVet also integrates with IDEXX and automatically sends requests to our in-house machine, with the results sent directly to the patient’s file. Requests for external testing are printed and the results are, once again, sent directly. All our ordering is done through ezyVet.

The initial purchase price is minor but there’s a monthly fee. ezyVet is still a very cost-effective veterinary practice software solution that’s made our work more efficient and helped to grow our business.

What’s not so good

There were a few small glitches when we first installed the system, and some issues with patient information and invoicing but ezyVet was able to fix these problems quickly.

Where did you get it



  1. We have been using Ezyvet for 18 mths. It took awhile to get used to with some minor glitches. One really great things about it is that it is cloud-based (so we can access it from our phones etc anywhere with internet) and we dont pay per computer or device. Great technical support always available.


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