Tools of the trade: Dietary Discretion Medical Alert Collars for Cats


medical alert collarby Dr Aine Seavers, Oak Flats Vet Clinic, NSW

These are medical alert-style collars for cats. They are cheap, affordable, high-visible impact and fit almost all cats.

What’s good about it

The main intent is to stop neighbours feeding an outdoor roaming cat, especially one who’s on a medical diet. The secret unauthorised feeding of someone else’s pet can cause havoc on that pet’s health and the owner’s finances.

The collars can be used in a busy household where no-one is sure if the cat was fed or, most importantly, medicated. Most cats will lie and pretend not to have been fed for days. The collar can be put on when the cat is fed/medicated and removed at night to be used again when next needed. That way everyone knows when the cat has been fed but, by removing it at night, the cat will not be left unfed for days at a time.

What’s not so good

There is always a concern that a cat collar can slip around the lower jaw or under the shoulder. These bridle and harness injuries can require extensive and multiple surgeries to fix. To address this issue, these collars have a quick-release clip to stop the animal being hung or choked. Great idea, but the problem is that the quick-release clip works so well that the collar often doesn’t stay on for very long.

However, these dietary discretion collars are being used in a subpopulation of owned cats who either don’t roam at all or, if they do roam, it is usually to another neighbour who has been feeding it. This means that the risk of a cat suffering long-standing entrapment in these collars is reduced.

Where did you get it

They can be purchased direct from UK supplier, MDC Exports.


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