Tools of the trade: Darvall Heated Breathing Circuit


heated breathing unitby Dr Cindy Si, Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital, Gwelup, WA

This heated breathing unit is a circuit that delivers anaesthetic gas and oxygen to the animal. It warms up the air that’s inspired by the patient to keep the animal’s temperature regulated.

What’s good about it

We’ve used this system with many dogs and cats, and it regulates their temperature much better than just inspiring cold air. Patients lose heat very quickly when under anaesthetic and it has always been a battle to keep them warm. It can be easily used on dogs and cats of all sizes and is extremely effective at maintaining their temperature.

It has a sensor that is inserted into the oesophagus of the patient. This sensor feeds back to the unit so if the patient is heating up too much, it switches off the heating.

It comes with two different sized circuits and an adapter so it can also be used in exotic animals and birds.

We’ve been using it regularly for the past eight months and the results have been fantastic. In fact, we are considering purchasing a second unit for our practice.

What’s not so good

The temperature probe that goes into the animal has a plug that tends to get a bit loose. Sometimes you have to push it back into the unit to get the temperature feedback.

At any given time, the temperature is displayed as three different readings that are between .2 and .4 of a degree apart. You need to do a quick calculation to gauge the average.

Where did you get it

Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists


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