Tools of the trade: Codos Pro CP-8000 clippers


by Dr Angus Brown, Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic, St Peters, SA

These are a fairly cheap set of clippers that we keep all around the practice. They’re very handy and the staff love them.

What’s good about it

We use them for clipping up veins to put in a catheter prior to surgery. They’re also very handy when taking a blood sample or anything that needs a quick small clip.

They are very light and simple to use. The blades are easy to keep clean and they are cheap enough so that we own multiple units. The clippers are charged in a charging unit that does away with the constant search for batteries.

When a large area has been clipped for surgery, we sometimes use the Codos clippers to finish off. The blades cut very close and clean—perfect when trimming an area about to undergo surgery.

The best feature of these clippers is that they are very quiet and cause less stress in animals. Almost invariably the animal is awake when being clipped for IV catheters and blood sampling, so anything that makes the process easier and less stressful for the patient allows you to do your job better.

What’s not so good

The blades are not adjustable and can’t be used for clipping large areas or big hairy dogs. They’re simply not robust enough for that. They are designed for a quick clip on a small area.

Where did you get it

They are available at various online stores.
Vetquip also carries the Codos brand.

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