Tools of the trade: Cherokee scrubs

scrubsby Emma Moss VN, Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital, Warramanga, ACT

All of our nursing staff wear Cherokee scrubs when we’re going into surgery. They’re comfortable and quite hard-wearing.

What’s good about it

Cherokee has a number of different designs for its scrubs. I prefer the top that has a crossover front and a tie at the back. It also has two front pockets. I match these with cargo pants that also have pockets. It’s very convenient having a top with pockets because it gives you quick access to things like scissors, pens and thermometers. When you are wearing scrubs with only pants pockets, it’s not uncommon for stuff to fall out.

We look after our own scrubs and they come up really well after a wash. A couple of us have chosen quite bright colours and they haven’t faded despite repeated washing. As they’re used in surgery, there are often blood stains on the material but it all comes out pretty easily. There are no special cleaning instructions; you just throw them into the washing machine.

These scrubs are very comfortable in summer and the material breathes nicely. It also doesn’t feel too tight or restricting—the movement of the material is very natural. There’s a wide range of styles and colours available.

What’s not so good

While these scrubs are very comfortable to wear in summer, they can feel a little thin in winter. I just add a layer or two underneath.

Where did you get it

Cherokee Australia.

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