Tools of the trade: Canon CXDI – 701C wireless X-ray system

wireless X-rayby Dr Emma Billing, New England Veterinary Service, Armidale, NSW

When we first opened, we had an antiquated CR system and the quality was poor. It was non-diagnostic and we couldn’t use it with anything over 10kg. We needed to upgrade and decided to go top of the range with the Canon CXDI-701C wireless.

What’s good about it

The wireless system is great when working out in the field. If a horse stands on one of the cords, that’s it for the day. This portable unit is great for use in the surgery or out on a call. It just requires the plate, the laptop and an X-ray generator.

The software is already loaded on the accompanying laptop and the images are superb. You can do a lot of things with each image such as taking measurements and angles, and adjusting magnification and contrast. The images are easy to export and can be stored on a server.

It only uses one plate that fits all situations. The software crops the image down and formats it. If you want to take three chest views, you choose a right lateral, a VD and a left lateral and the software lines it up. The image appears on the laptop and if you’re happy, the software moves to the next view. I can take three chest views in a minute.

The plate itself comes with two batteries that last about five hours each. All in all it’s an exceptionally convenient system.

What’s not so good

The software that comes with this system is not veterinary specific—it is designed for humans. It’s a minor issue but annoying when trying to navigate around initially.

Where did you get it


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