Tools of the trade: Bupredyne


Bupredyneby Dr Alice Robinson, Aldgate Veterinary Clinic, SA

This product contains buprenorphine and is used for pain relief in cats and dogs. In the past, it was always supplied in small vials, but now we are finally able to purchase it in a bottle. This makes things much more convenient.

What’s good about it?

Buprenorphine was only available in 1ml vials and that made it difficult to draw up the drug without wasting any. We have to record what happens to the drug in our Schedule 8 book, and each time there was any wastage that had to be recorded too. What should have been a fairly simple injection became
a very time-consuming process.

Now, with Bupredyne, we can draw the drug from the bottle and there is no wastage. This means that things move much quicker in an emergency situation. We can just grab the bottle and give the injection, rather than trying to break open a vial and then have difficulty in drawing up the drug.

We’ve only been using this product for the past month, but it makes the whole process easier and faster. Other vets have mentioned to me that they also have difficulty with the vials. Buprenorphine is quite expensive, so any wastage is a bad thing from an economic standpoint.

What’s not so good?

The only negative is that some products are only licensed for cats and not for dogs. It took us a little time to find a product that was licensed for dogs and cats, but we eventually found Bupredyne.

Where did you get it?

Jurox (


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